He lost me, indefinitely. Yet, the greater loss is within me and my Self. My well-being.
A full embodiment of loss. I have chosen to numb myself to the pain… to not allow myself to feel again. He scarred me, so deeply, that I know as a fact that I will never let, nor allow, myself to love another man unconditionally anymore. Days of trust, love and wearing my heart on the tip of my sleeve, will no longer billow in the wind. It’s foolish to react this way, to come to this type of finalization… but, it was damn foolishness that led to all this pain and mistrust. The hopeless romantic in me has died. The last embers of flame have cooled off and resorted to ash. Left to disintegrate and disappear with the slightest of breeze. There is little, to no hope, that a spark might turn into a beautiful glowing flame once more. Time will pass and my physical being will wither away into nothingness… just as my heart and soul have. My loss. Quite a Loss, indeed.


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