Dancing with Faeries

The brisk chill of the winter’s evening air forced Jessie Belle to turn up her coat collar as she emphatically spoke into her phone, “This is not what I had in mind when I thought we were meeting up to ice skate, Carolina! C’mon! I haven’t seen you since you left for college! I was so excited when you suggested we have some sis and sis bonding time! It’s not fair for you to bail on me for a guy!”
As she listened to her older sis rattling off more excuses, light snow had begun to cascade down and provide a light blanket on the bench Jessie Belle had been patiently waiting on. Frustrated with yet another cancelled date, she precipitously stood up and snapped her flip phone shut with such force that it propelled the innocent device through the air and landed on the edge of the nearby frozen lake with a resounding thud.
The fresh layer of snow emitted soft crunching noises as she stomped her way towards her phone. Muttering angry words to herself, she stopped quite suddenly from a strange sound. For a brief moment, the beguiling noise seemed to echo around her; Jessie Belle slightly tilted her head to see if she can ascertain that peculiar sound. It was as if it was an enchanting, yet somber, melody she had heard before and yet couldn’t place. Lost in wonder, she catches a light twinkling at the corner of her eye…



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