Dancing with Faeries

The beginnings of a short story…


‚ÄčAs the early morning light cast its glow upon his face she ponders whether their love would withstand all the bumps, bruises, and detours life tended to hand down. Solemnly, she sighs to herself. For her heart ached with painful truths; as its wisdom hammered into the depths of her soul.  Long forgotten tears cascaded […]

old poem: JOKE’S ON HER

The sparkle in his eyes so deceive, To a heart that loves and was willing to believe… Their love would forever last, Looking to their future and forsaking the past. But his soul wasn’t connected, He thought of Love was something to be perfected. He whispered ‘goodbye’ quite to her dismay, She yearns for him […]

“To see with eyes, unclouded, by hate”… a love letter

My Love,   I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I have been acting off my ‘rocker’ & being a total bitch towards you. I have really no excuses for it. I can try and explain it all, but I fear it would be in vain because I don’t think you’ll understand it fully. You deserved to […]

Lost at Sea

The wounds upon my heart & soul cannot refuse to heal, It’s caused me an inability to feel. Life has changed, in more ways than I can grasp, I truly be foolishly believed our love could last. Promises aren’t meant to be broken, A Lover’s words are can feel so heartfully meaningful when spoken. Alas, […]